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247 – As Everything in Nature, We are Evolving Systems …

Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

There is nothing that empirically proves how profoundly interrelated we are with everything in Nature more than a verified scientific theory, and Charles Darwin’s Evolution does that for me.

The word evolution comes from the Latin evolution, meaning “to unroll like a scroll“. In other words: To unfold, to gradually change, to transform.

Evolution is the progressive process through which naturally evolving systems like you and me and cells and galaxies unfold. It is the universal will to live converging in us and all around us. Its fundamental force is based on self-generation, self-organization, self-regulation, and a degree of freedom in adaptation.

Evolution is the learning process that, reflecting on its gradual development, searches for the most functional and adaptable forms of existence.

Evolution is the engine of change that, creating instability, incites the re-evaluation of the developmental process, therefore stimulating transformation.

Evolution is a living, transformative process that can be violent, greedy, destructive, cruel, chaotic, yet can also be tender, nurturing, organized, creative, beautiful. It can be directed from within (instinct, self-determination) or from without (pre-determination, environmental fluctuations). In its constant motion towards complexity and order, it creates to destroy and destroys to create.

Whether it is a cell, a human being, a solar system, a galaxy, a constant motion towards complexity and order with a degree of freedom in transformation is, I believe, the aim of Evolution.

As with everything in Nature, we are instruments of change.

The theory of Evolution proves how profoundly interrelated everything in Nature is. And I believe that we will be more rational and understanding in our relationship with each other and with Nature when we accept this about ourselves.

Revised April 2022   

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131 – The Order of Nature and Us …

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

It is relatively easy for us to see a primal Order in the evolutionary progression towards Complexity in Nature (mathematics, language, music, the evolution of Life, the wondrous organization of the brain, consciousness). Yet most of us remain incapable of seeing ourselves as part of that Order.

Our inability to see ourselves as part of the natural Order is the main reason we are breaking the chemical equilibrium of the environment, and ravaging animal and plant life, and inciting division and hate, and driving civilization to face the possibility of its own downfall.

It is thus uncanny to see the natural sciences, the advocates of Knowledge and Understanding, with their magnificent insights into the fundamental aspects of the natural Order, shying away from debunking the illusion that we are not part of that Order.

You and I, as well as anything else in our Universe, are assemblies of multiple parts; each part inherently knowing how to self-generate and self-organize into a cohesive, adaptable, self-perpetuating, self-transforming entity evolving into higher levels of complexity. But we can do this only because we are a part of that Order

We don’t know the Origin of this Order … we might never know … but that we are a part of It, and It is a part of us, and we cannot exist without It, is incontestable.

Revised June 2020   

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129 – The Aim of Evolution …

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Each atom, each molecule, each cell, and each organ and system they form in my body, carries the history of my developmental ascent within the primordial process of evolution in Nature. This is a fact I understand and accept theoretically, but not emotionally, not perceptually … not yet. My mind has not reached that level of self-awareness.

Desperately wanting to believe the fallacy that we are ‘the darlings of Creation’ and that we have nothing to do with Nature but consume it and control it, we not only fail to perceive our connection with and complete dependence on this evolutionary process but its great beauty.

This evolving process brings together diverse forms of existence and connects them in ways that as a unit they create a mind – the central center of operations we perceive as the “I” where information is gathered and analyzed, where we begin to self-examine, where we sense ourselves in an environment, where we grow conscious of the power to transform ourselves and our world.

This, the awareness of self-awareness – to know we are part of a process we can transform yet cannot exist without, is, I believe, the aim of Evolution.

Revised April 2022   

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50 – On Evolution (Part II) …

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

It is incredible to realize our capacity to understand complex issues – to have deciphered the code of the DNA Helix, to have figured out the exact distance to Saturn so we can send little cameras to settle into stationary orbits and send us back images of the planet, to have figured out that our Solar System is a tiny element in one of the arms of an immense Galaxy, to have opened windows to the world in little screens we can hold in the palm of our hands – and yet we do not question the blatant lies of politicians and religious leaders.


Their lying is oftentimes so outlandish that it would be laughable if it was not murderous. They lie to keep us on a destructive path to serve their insatiable greed completely disregarding the horrible consequences of their obscene egotism: War, Siege, Genocide, Divisiveness, Ignorance, Hate, Poverty, Cruelty, Rape, Starvation.

They use the colossal force of our hope to deceive us and manipulate us into conformity. They obscure their contempt for us and for the natural world behind promises they never plan to honor. Their horrific crimes are absolved by their exclusive “elitist” rights. They aim to obliterate Knowledge and Reason by bending the young mind into blind obedience.

But the force of our evolution is bigger and wiser than they are. Although the control of current religious and political doctrines has lasted for many centuries, new technologies are awakening in us the awareness of our capacities to effect change in a world without their greed. They have the weapons and the wealth to try to control us and infiltrate our endeavor to obtain Freedom and Fairness, but we have the power of our sheer numbers – billions of us – and non-violence terrifies them.

Evolution, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is: 1 – the process by which different kinds of living organisms develop from earlier forms, 2 – gradual development.

Evolution is movement, and movement is change. Nothing is static in Nature. We are evolving into more interconnected and informed Human beings. This liberating force of our evolution in knowledge and technology threatens religious and political power, and this is why they try to restrain it.

Evolution is a primordial force that takes us through gradual and learning processes into greater levels of complexity and order. Natural systems (our bodies, our species, our planetary system, our galaxy) evolve from creation to dissipation in stages of escalating events. But natural systems are vulnerable to the challenges of external and internal fluctuations; if the system is able to overcome the challenge, it then re-structures itself into a new and usually greater stage of complexity. But if it doesn’t, the system goes into a crisis that may lead to its disappearance. Challenges are the fuel of Evolution. They create instability and prod the system to find novel ways to adapt. Systems are forced, either instinctively or by its own determination, to re-evaluate, to re-consider its development, to transform.

We are entering such a challenging crisis in our evolution: We have grown to unsustainable numbers and are overwhelming the environment in which our lives totally depend. But instead of addressing the urgency of the crisis, the individuals making the decisions for us, are intensifying it by perpetuating the disastrous recipe of unbounded consumerism and perpetual growth.

I believe that for us to overcome this crisis and step up to the next level in our evolution, our challenge is to overcome this primitive, deceitful, destructive and cruel World Order, and enter a New Order based on peace, equilibrium between growth and natural resources, freedom of religion without the incitement of division, and advances in education, technology and health available to every child in the world.

We are not helpless – we are pure Potential.

Revised October 2018

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49 – On Evolution and Man’s refusal to accept he is a part of it …

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Evolution is an ongoing and transformative natural Force. But as all natural Forces, Evolution must have had an induction – something or someone that thrust it on its way. Evolution is intelligent; it not only learns from experience, but it is innately endowed with the capacity to self-reflect and self-create. So when, where, how did Evolution begin? We are a part of it – it is in us, and we are in it – but we have a difficult time accepting this because it is so huge and so ancient.

But there are some Facts proving that Evolution is in us and we are in it:

  • – Evolution is adaptable and innately driven towards complexity.
  • – Evolution is self-generating and self-perpetuating.
  • – Evolution is paradoxical because it destroys in order to create. It consumes energy sources in order to re-generate and perpetuate its ongoing process (as much as we want to disguise it, there is no way to disguise the fact that we consume other forms of Life … though nicely packaged … to regenerate, and perpetuate the evolutionary process of our bodies).
  • – Evolution can be violent, greedy, destructive, cruel, chaotic, and ugly, yet it can also be tender, nurturing, kind, creative, organized, and beautiful.

Evolution is the movement of Life as it flows with a degree of freedom toward higher levels of complexity and order. Life begat movement, and vice versa. Nothing learns to re-create itself with a degree of freedom in adaptation without being alive.

Life is ancient. We are just one of its truly astonishing manifestations. We are just a momentary spark in a process that has been evolving for eons of time and, as everything else in our Universe, will continue to evolve until it comes to an end.

When Charles Darwin was developing his Theory of Evolution, he was afraid of the repercussions of telling us that we descend from simians because he knew he was going to challenge the pillars that sustain our arrogance. And even with all the irrefutable proofs we have today of our animal ancestry, most of us are still fighting it. There is an ingrained stubbornness in us to want to believe that we are what the Universe was created for. This stubbornness is especially strong in men because the awareness of Life’s evolutionary processes in our own bodies is extremely limited – we barely sense it when we see our face reflected in our progeny – women, on the other hand, are keenly aware of Life’s primordial flow because they feel it in the process of procreation – the creation of new Life within their bodies, its development, its struggle, its birth.

Evolution is a Learning Process. It is successful when it reflects on the past to avoid repeating the same mistakes, but it gets into trouble when self-reflection is overridden by reckless greed. This is evident in what is happening to us today: We have lost the capacity to reflect and learn from our own mistakes and those of already extinct civilizations; we have no Vision for our Future other than Unlimited Growth and Unbounded Consumerism.

How do we turn this around? Any ideas?

We have come a long way and accepting the fact that we are, not only part of Nature but Nature itself, will help us understand that we are instruments for change in its evolutionary processes, and that our every action – whether instinctive or premeditated – influences and is influenced by the flow of Evolution.

A consensus of all Nations on a Realistic, Humane, Dynamic, Far-Reaching Vision for Humankind – a Vision that lead us into a World Order rooted on Equilibrium, Knowledge, Self-reflection, and an increasing degree of Freedom in adaptation – is a good and attainable way to start!

Revised October 2018

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