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Thursday, July 15th, 2021

The Universal Matrix, consisting of a set of fundamental properties and a blueprint for development, is the supple code from which evolving systems in our Universe – atoms, cells, species, you and me, galaxies, the Universe itself –  originate, develop, and take form.

The chart below lists some of the fundamental properties and the scientific theories from which they ensue. [1] These fundamental properties are intrinsic and non-negotiable. In other words, they are indelible.

(Reiteration: repetition, duplication, reflection, copy, embodiment) * (Propagation: spread, promote, diffuse, make copies)

The chart below lists the characteristics of a Universal Blueprint that guides the development of evolving systems in our Universe. These characteristics are intrinsic and negotiable. In other words, they are what give evolving systems the freedom to transform and be transformed by environments.





Our Universe, and everything it encompasses evolves in accordance with a process in which its Universal Matrix, binding yet giving freedom, is reiterated on every component, and every component reiterates it on their own components, and those components on their own components, and so forth ad infinitum. This ongoing sequence of duplication and propagation renders all evolving systems in our Universe, including you and me, reiterations and reiterators of a Universal Matrix that endows us all with a degree of freedom to transform ourselves and our world.

This is how our solar system has evolved from a cloud of dust and ice into a vessel for Life’s manifestation into myriad forms; this is how you and I have evolved from our simian ancestry into the awareness of our own awareness; this is how Life looks at itself and wonders.

[1] The properties of the Universal Matrix have been derived from my non-scientific understanding of scientific theories. For example, Interconnectedness is, to me, the fundamental property of Bell’s Theorem, Self-reflective Equilibrium is the fundamental property of Relativity, and so on. The characteristics of the Universal Blueprint have been derived from my understanding of evolutionary processes in Nature, for instance, how evolving systems self-organize and self-regulate with a degree of freedom.

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252 – As Everything in Nature, We are Reiterations and Reiterators …

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

There is nothing that empirically proves how profoundly interconnected we are with everything in Nature than a verified scientific theory, and the Mandelbrot Set does that for me.

The Mandelbrot Set is a set of complex numbers named in tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot, the mathematician who coined the word ‘fractals’ to describe the phenomenon of self-similarity in Nature: the reiteration of shapes that appear in ascending and descending scales when natural phenomena, like frost crystals, mountain ranges, blood vessels, waves, ferns, clouds, lightning bolts, cauliflowers, are fragmented into smaller or separate parts that are not identical, but similar.

Mandelbrot solidified the study of this fragmentation with the striking visualizations of computer-generated programs, like the one shown in the link below, in which a recurring shape keeps reappearing at increasing magnifications.

Although the main reach of the Mandelbrot Set is the description of self-similarity in the fragmentation of natural phenomena in Nature, its striking visualizations are a beautiful insight into the nature of reality; in the reappearance, for instance, of the configuration of the double helix in the DNA sequence or the spiral shape in galaxies, the appearance and re-appearance illustrate that self-similarity is a universal property of naturally evolving systems … we can see it wherever we go in the similarity of our own structural configuration in every human being on Earth.

The Mandelbrot Set proves how profoundly interconnected everything in Nature is. And I believe that once we accept this truth about our reality, we will be more rational and understanding in our relationship with the world that gives us the right to exist.

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