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136 – When Will We Learn? …

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

It is perplexing to see how most of Humanity … the great majority of us … as intelligent and advanced a species as we claim to be, cannot yet perceive the self-evident Universal Order inside of us and all around us; the perceptible, measurable, self-creating, self-organizing Universal Order inherent in everything in Nature; the Universal Order that from the convergence of two minute cells organizes our bodies into the self-reflective and limitless imagining power of our minds; the Universal Order that generates the progression of atomic compounds into complex, dynamic and intricately interrelated systems; the Universal Order that demands of us to consume other living forms in order to live; a Universal Order that unifies each and all us … each physical system in our Universe* … with a mandate to self-organize, to self-generate and adapt in order to perpetuate its own self-renewal.

And yet it is even more perplexing to see how the Natural Sciences, especially physics and chemistry with their great insights into the structure of microcosmic and macroscopic magnitudes, are unable to link their findings and see how intimately interconnected they are, and thus still searching for a Unified Theory when they already have one.

The findings converge into a homogeneous blueprint that rules and promotes the unfolding of every physical system … whether it is an atom, a molecule, a cell, a solar system, a galaxy, the Universe itself … unifying them all under a mandate that compels them

  • to interconnect its components to work together … whether by instinct or self-determination … towards the common goal of a parent system (Bell’s Theorem);
  • to fuel the temporary permanence of its life span by consuming and dissipating energy sources in relative yet continuous equilibrium (Relativity & Dissipative Structures);
  • to develop a self-determined yet supple existence amid the uncertainty of infinite probabilities (Uncertainty & Probability Principles);
  • to grow with the property of being an utterly unique individual and a complement of a parent species and a complement of a Universal Order (Complementarity);
  • to be completely dependent on the environment yet manipulating and being manipulated with a relative degree of freedom in adaptation  (Evolution);
  • to grow into a self-sufficient, self-contained, self-generating, self-organizing and self-perpetuating system with the potential to become a catalyst for transformation (Autopoiesis & Field Theory)

No matter how minuscule we are in our Universe, we are nonetheless a physical system that like an atom, a molecule, a cell, a solar system, a galaxy, the Universe itself, embodies the traits of the shared blueprint that connects everything into a Universal Order. And so the Universal Order is in us and we are within the Universal Order.

When will we be able to learn to incorporate this self-evident Fact into the way we perceive ourselves and the Universe that engenders Existence with a degree of freedom in adaptation?

* In physics, a physical system is a portion of the physical universe chosen for analysis. Everything outside the system is known as the environment (Wikipedia).

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107 – Universal Blueprint (Part III) …

Friday, August 1st, 2014

It changes us, completely, to figure out that our physical existence is pre-determined by a common Blueprint … a natural ordering process which not only determines our development – mapping the position, the organization, the role, the duration of our components; plotting loosely our evolution; charting our process of self-generation; inciting our survival instincts; defining the length of our existence – but also endowing us with a degree of choice in adaptation to transform ourselves and our world. This common Blueprint is the pulse of Nature in each and all of us, throbbing in our veins from the moment we are born, until the moment we die.

And it changes us even more to comprehend that this common Blueprint, this natural ordering process, pre-determines not just us but everything EVERYTHING … in our Universe (atomic particles, molecules, cells, all forms of life, planets, solar systems, galaxies, clusters of galaxies); mapping organization, role, evolution, relative duration; charting the process of self-generation; inciting the instinct to survive, and yet allowing a degree of choice in adaptation.

The implications of this realization are profound: That since the inception of our Universe a primordial blueprint has been mapping … with creativity and a degree of flexibility … the development of very high levels of Complexity, proves the existence of a creative, disciplined, determined, resourceful and yet supple Order; the same the primal Order that maps in us the development of our bodies with creativity, discipline, determination, resourcefulness and yet endowing us with the flexibility to transform ourselves and our world.

In the midst of trial and error, creation and destruction, this is how Nature evolves; allowing the transformative progression of Order to develop the levels of Complexity that have ignited the flame of conscious self-awareness in us.

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58 – Universal Blueprint (Part II) …

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

When asked about the most outstanding fact about the Universe he could share with us, Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson said It is the Knowledge that we are part of the Universe, that we are in this Universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is the Fact that the Universe is in us.

It is puzzling to realize how few of us actually incorporate this Fact, that the Universe is in us, in our conception of Reality – even if it is self-evident. It brings to memory our pre-Copernican era, when the human mind was not yet able to conceptualize the Fact that it was the earth that rotated around the Sun.

The Universe is in us is self-evident because every one of its components – from miniscule atomic particles to gigantic galaxies, from single cells to multi-celled organisms – develop by following a Blueprint:

  • – Atoms, galaxies, Human beings, self-organize and bond into complex, dynamic, adaptable systems.
  • – Atoms, galaxies, Human beings, are particle like in the distinctiveness of their components and wave-like in their participation as a common component in the evolution of a parent system.
  • – Atoms, galaxies, Human beings, re-generate and self-perpetuate through a self-reflective process in which intake and release of energy sources are sustained in relative states of equilibrium.

Without this Blueprint, no organism, no system in our Universe can exist nor evolve into complexity.

This all-encompassing Order guiding our bodies, their systems, and the systems in which we are immersed, is the Universe in us. It is the Order that keeps myriad components in my body working together, demanding nourishment, inciting renewal. It is the Order that throughout eons of Evolution has created a mind capable of self-reflection and self-determination, a mind able to envision Change and Transform itself. It is the Order that has kept our planet relatively stable for eons of time.

If we survive the devastating effects on our environment of the Paradigm currently dominating us through Division, exponential Growth, and destructive Consumerism; if we are able to free ourselves from the dogmatic beliefs that enslave us to restrictive worldviews, it is inevitable for Humankind to take a monumental step in our development as we incorporate the Knowledge that the Universe is in us, that we are a part of its Nature, as its Nature is part of us.

Revised November 2018

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56 – E=mc2 and us (Part II) …

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Theoretically we know that atoms are the fundamental stuff we are made of, yet we think of them as something alien, something that belongs to another realm, something that has nothing to do with us.

Early in the Twentieth Century, our Solar System was used as an analogy to try to understand and visualize the structure of atoms. And most of us still cling to this analogy.

Although somehow misleading, the analogy does point to some obvious similarities. As the planets in our solar system circle the Sun in relatively stable orbits, so the electrons in atoms circle a nucleus in relatively stable orbits; as the combined mass content of the planets and Sun is miniscule in relation to the size of the Solar System which extends to the outermost reaches of the Oort Cloud, so the combined mass content of the electrons and nucleus is relatively miniscule in relation to the entire size of the Atom; as the expanses of space in which planets and Sun interact appears to be mostly ‘empty’ to us, so the expanse in which electrons and nucleus interact appears to be mostly ‘empty’.

Where the analogy is misleading is in the assumption that the expanse in which the components of the solar system and those of the atom interact is empty. It is not. It is Energy. But because energy is imperceptible to us we cling to that assumption, and then force it into our understanding of Reality

The universal scope of E=mc2, as explained by Einstein, is that the mass of a body (or system) is a measure of its energy content. [1]

In other words, no matter how big or small, simple or complex, solid or supple a system might be, its mass content (the combined volume of its components) must be equivalent to its energy content for the system to function as a cohesive and dynamic unit. The two contents (energy and mass) complement each other – one a reflection of the other – as they interact with environments; they are the Fundamental Complements of all physical systems in Nature.

Mass is condensed energy and energy is liberated mass”. [2] The contents fluctuate absorbing and releasing energy sources as the body develops, but for the body to sustain a continuous form of existence they must remain in relative equilibrium, one always a relative measure of the other. The body disintegrates once this equilibrium can no longer be sustained. This process, so essential to our survival, is mostly instinctive and beyond our awareness, but we become conscious of it when, for instance, we feel the urgent need to eat and rest to replenish the energy spent on a hyperactive and stressful long day.

This is how our bodies evolve, by seeking Balance, because without it we distort and infringe.

We are out of balance: Our exponential growth and level of consumption and dissipation of energy sources are altering the chemical equilibrium of the Earth, and we either readjust or pay the consequences for our infringement.

Yet powerful dominant forces, ignorant in their greed, want us to continue growing and consuming as if there is no tomorrow.

Will we let them?

[1] Parenthesis mine.

[2] Unknown source

Revised October 2018

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52 – Turning Points …

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Turning Points are defining moments that may have an indelible and affecting impact on our lives; sometimes they close doors, other times they open them; sometimes they just happen on their own, other times we make them happen.

For me, some of those moments have been:

  • – My mother’s emphasis on Beauty (rainbows, flowers, sunsets, full moons) when ugliness surrounded us.
  • – When I first became aware that I am a self-energized physical system, made out of other self-energized physical systems, and embedded in other self-energized physical systems. And that although dependent on the environment around me for sustenance, nonetheless I possess a Mind free to think and imagine.
  • – When I realized that to delve into the Universe inside me and beyond me, it was imperative to overcome the limitations of my organic senses.
  • – When I left home and threw myself into the adventure that forced me to face my fears and reconsider my entire worldview.
  • – When I was able to understand the simplicity and beauty of Einstein’s e=mc2, which taught me that, as every physical system in our Universe, I can only exist if I sustain (instinctively or self-determinedly) a relative equilibrium between the energy I amass and the energy I release into action and motion.
  • – When I was able to understand the simple beauty of Bell’s Theorem, which taught me that no matter how small or far apart the components of my body are, they are intimately interconnected to allow me to move, act, and think cohesively and with purpose.
  • – When I was able to understand the profound implications of Bohr’s Theory of Complementarity, which taught me that I am both, an utterly unique individual and a common component of the species we call Humanity; I am not one or the other, I am both at the same time.
  • – When I was able to understand the scope of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty and Pascal’s Probability, which taught me that, as everything in Nature, I am the result of natural processes emerging amid the uncertainty of an infinite number of probabilities.
  • – When I was able to understand the universal scale of Prigogine’s Dissipative Structures, which taught me that, as all open systems in Nature, I evolve by synthesizing energy – absorbing it in one form and releasing it in other – and therefore I am in continuous states of transformation.
  • – When I was able to understand the poetic lesson of Maturana and Valera’s Autopoiesis (self-creation), which taught me that I constantly re-create a self-bounded, self-generating, self-perpetuating physical system that, although constantly changing, remains a fundamental self.
  • – When I was able to understand the implications of the Mandelbrot Set, which taught me that the fundamental configuration of my body – the cohesive yet adaptable physical structure – is the result of a self-replicating evolutionary model that ensures the continuity of the species.
  • – When I was able to understand the all-encompassing reach of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, which taught me that as everything in Nature, I am a product of a creative and self-generating process that compels me to evolve toward Complexity.
  • – When I was able to understand the power of the Quantum Theories, which taught me that I am a catalyst for transformation, a driving force in space and time with the relative power to affect, not only my own self but the world in which I exist.
  • – And the greatest turning point so far came when I was able to reflect upon all the above turning points, and realized that they are fundamental elements of a Universal Blueprint from which the creative process of Life emerges.




Uncertainty and Probability,

Self-creation and self-perpetuation,

Replication of evolutionary model,

Capacity to transform and be transformed by the movement of Evolution,

are common characteristics of a Universal Order manifested in every single creation of Nature.

And because this is self-evident, and beautiful, and incontrovertible, there is no doubt in my mind that a Turning Point in Human History will be inescapable when we begin to see this Beautiful Order

Revised October 2018

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51 – Imagine Knowing …

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

We are taught that War is a Necessity, that there will always be enemies (even if we have to create them).

Imagine knowing that this is a lie.

What we are not taught is that War is one of the most profitable businesses in the world and the reason why, even with no evidence of an enemy, it is constantly financed and provoked. War, instigated to satisfy unconscionable greed, kills the innocent by the thousands and thousands. This is an atrocity.

We are taught that Religion is Salvation, that there is no Heaven without it (even if we have to create it).

Imagine knowing that this is a farce.

What we are not taught is that organized Religion is one of the most powerful forms of control by deception. Religions lie to their followers to keep them under their spell; they incite division, fear, and intolerance without a hint of apprehension for the horrendous consequences of their actions.

Under the focus of our current scientific methodology on Reductionism we cannot comprehend what 90% of our Universe is, nor fathom how the Human body can turn energy sources into the phenomenon of the self-reflective mind, yet we are taught that this is the only way to understand Reality.

Imagine knowing that this is an error.

What we are not taught is that this limiting methodology is re-enforced and vehemently defended because it gives most scientists a false sense of control over Nature, because it nicely fits their equations, and because it remunerates them handsomely.

So if Politics, organized Religions, and Science deceive us, where do we go for Truth?

The Truth is that YOU are the most amazing Natural Living System we know of in our Universe. And overcoming the indoctrination of organized religions, the control of warmongering political doctrines, and the limitations of our current scientific methodology, this Truth will open your mind to the wisdom that, as all living systems, the Human body evolves through more or less universal stages (conception, infancy, youth, adulthood, maturity) into a design that abides by environmental rules – no more cells than needed to proceed healthily from one stage into another, no unchecked growth without distressing the continued existence of the body, no stability without equilibrium between our intake and release of energy sources.

The Human species unfolds through more of less the same stages as the Human body. We are struggling to advance into the next stage in our development, but our exponential growth and unsustainable level of consumption are out of balance with the environment, and as a species we don’t know how to re-value and re-balance ourselves even if our bodies have been doing it for millennia.

Imagine Knowing what we are not even allowed to consider: That in our own bodies we have the Knowledge to re-value and re-balance our relationship with our environment.

Imagine Knowing.

Revised October 2018

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43 – God is not …

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

The similarities between the fundamental characteristics of our bodies and those of our Universe are astonishing.

  • Like our Universe, you and I are a congregation of elements gathered together into a self-bounded, self-generating, self-perpetuating, cohesive whole;
  • Like our Universe, you and I are inherently endowed with a relative degree of freedom to unfold into increasing complexity;
  • Like our Universe, you and I are a self-generating, self-energizing, self-organizing system capable of manipulating and being manipulated by the movement of Evolution.

These are incontrovertible facts that prove our incontestable interconnectedness with all of Nature, which makes it difficult to understand why we persist in enforcing the fallacy that we are independent of the natural world.

There is a Human yearning to know what we truly are. We are naturally very curious, especially during our younger years, but then we are indoctrinated … educated! … into following socio-economic and religious ideologies, that are not only divisive and destructive but bent on enslaving for their own gain the natural inquisitiveness of the human mind.

But whether or not we follow an ideology, there is no way to deny the fact that, like water molecules within the flow of a river, we unfold within a Primordial ForceSomething, or Someone, immensely creative, ruthless, self-generating, self-organizing, and beautifully ordered … that instinctively, and forcefully drives us to bond and self-generate to perpetuate its own unfolding. Some may say this Primal Force is Nature, but Nature is just one of Its manifestations.

When we climax in consensual sexual intercourse, we touch this Primordial Force; we reach a summit in which we become one with It. There is, at that moment, much more than just pleasure; there is wonder at what has taken place, at how primal, mysterious, profound, beautiful we can be. Some of us try to become one with this Force through meditation; it is an arduous and often times rewarding experience, but nothing brings us closer as the ecstasy of sexual climax, especially when both participants reach it at the same time. We become One, not only with one another but with that Something, Someone, immensely beautiful.

God is not the cruel and vengeful old men created by the imagination of men thousands of years ago. God might be the elusive yet touchable Force driving us to bond, self-generate, and self-perpetuate, so It might continue to unfold into greater levels of order and complexity – kind of how we drive neurons in our brain to bond in novel ways, so we might evolve into greater levels of awareness.

Revised July 2018

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42 – Fractal Geometry, the Mandelbrot Set, and the Universal in us.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Fractal Geometry is one of the most succinct and revealing scientific theories of the 20th Century. With Fractals, the French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot overcame the limitations of Classic (Euclidian) Geometry to describe the complexity of irregular shapes in the natural world.

“A Fractal can be defined as ‘A rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole,’ a property called self-similarity.” [1]

“The most striking properties of these ‘fractal’ shapes are that their characteristic patterns are found repeatedly at descending and ascending scales, so that their parts, at any scale, are similar in shape to the whole. Mandelbrot illustrates this property of ‘self-similarity’ by breaking a piece out of a cauliflower and pointing out that, by itself, the piece looks just like a small cauliflower. He repeats this demonstration by dividing the part further, taking out another piece, which again looks like a very small cauliflower.” [2] But the most striking examples of self-similarity are found in the reiteration of the most fundamental characteristics of our Universe on every one of its components.

The Mandelbrot Set, a computer-generated program named after Benoit Mandelbrot, was designed to show these repeating patterns at descending and ascending levels of magnification. The set can be seen on YouTube under Mandelbrot Set Zoom. Watch the pattern of the original shape reappear over and over as the program descends deeper and deeper into the set. It is beautiful to watch.

On Post 16 ‘Our Universe is a Hologram’ I wrote about the fact that when a Hologram is broken into pieces, each piece … no matter what size or shape … contains the image of the whole Hologram: ‘Each piece contains the information of the whole’. The Mandelbrot Set is based on this principle, but from a different angle: The Whole is contained in each of its components.

Let’s apply the Mandelbrot Set using some of the fundamental characteristics of our Universe as a Master Model (equilibrium, self-containment, self-generation, self-perpetuation, relative degree of freedom in adaptation) and start a descent into some universal components; a galaxy, a planet, a human being. As we descend into smaller spheres, we begin to see a reiteration of the fundamental characteristics … the blueprint of the Master Model … re-occurring on the components, showing that everything is fundamentally similar, and therefore, interrelated:

  •    As our Universe, our galaxy has obeyed an innate tendency to attain, and sustain, relative states of optimum equilibrium between its energy and mass contents … more mass demands more energy, less energy demands less mass. This is Einstein’s magnificent insight into the nature of reality, e=mc2, which means that no matter how large or small, simple or complex a naturally evolving system might be, its energy and mass contents must remain relatively equivalent.
  •    As our Universe, the Earth has unfolded into a self-contained, self-generating self-perpetuating system while preserving a more or less fundamental configuration.
  •    As our Universe, you and I are endowed with a relative degree of freedom to manipulate and be manipulated by the movement of Evolution.

The Mandelbrot Set is a new insight into the nature of our Universe. When we zoom in repeatedly from one sphere into another …  from dimension to dimension, from galaxy into solar system, from solar system into planet, from planet into human being, and so forth … we find the reiteration of fundamental characteristics.

And because the fundamental characteristics of our Universe … the common blueprint … are reiterated in each and all of its components, including us, the magnificent mystery can be glimpsed at by understanding ourselves.

Share the knowledge.

[1] From Wikipedia

[2] Excerpts from The Web of Life by F. Capra. Highlight mine.

Revised July 2018

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41 – Truth is stolen from us, so we can be turned into killing machines.

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau, the sites where madness, horrific efficiency, and appalling cruelty reached some of the highest levels Humanity has experienced in recent History. It made me cry.

How can we be so cruel? When did the human animal turn into the only creature on earth that tortures and slaughters their own with such deliberate cruelty?

And the scary thing is that it continues to happen – look at the siege of Palestinians; the atrocities being perpetrated with our consent; the silent complicity of the churches, synagogues and mosques; the prostituting of Education to turn out promoters of greed, consumerism, and destruction. We are under the domination of a caste of men without morals, without compassion, without a trace of vision other than their own voracious greed and tenacious bent to obliterate the nurturing side of human nature.

Blinded by a terrible ignorance about the fragility of the environment on which our lives depend, these men are destroying our chances for survival by stubbornly re-enforcing a Paradigm that perpetuates the lie that we can ravage the same environment that gives us life without having to face the consequences for our actions. Under their leadership, humankind has turned into a mindless machine on a path to self-destruction.

Yet as much as Knowledge is denied to us to keep us ignorant about our true nature, and as Fear is constantly created to keep us subservient to a destructive Paradigm, the Truth remains that we are intimately interrelated with everything in Nature through the indelible Universal Blueprint from which we unfold:

As everything in Nature:

  • We gather energy sources from our environment to form a cohesive and thoroughly interconnected body.
  • We unfold, step by step, entirely dependent on a balance between the consumption and release of the energy sources that fuel our motion, development, continuity.
  • We are given temporary possession of an utterly unique, self-generating, self-perpetuating body; yet we unfold, if unobstructed by environmental deviations, into a common structural design. We are Unique and
  • We are endowed with a relative degree of freedom to transform and be transformed by the movement of Evolution; we are catalysts for transformation.
  • In equal measure to the significance of our legacy … what we give to the world, what we take away … we become part of the future.

“… he became his admirers.

Now he is scattered among a hundred cities

and wholly given over to unfamiliar affections,

to find his happiness in another kind of wood

and be punished under a foreign code of conscience.

The words of a dead man

are modified in the guts of the living”. *

The beauty of what we truly are is stolen from us to turn us into blind followers of a caste of men without morals, without compassion, and without a trace of vision.

Why can we not see beyond their machinations when what they are hiding from us is the Truth that we are all created with a degree of freedom to transform ourselves and our world?

Share the knowledge.

* From “In Memory of W.B. Yeats” by W.H. Auden.

Revised June 2018

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39 – The saddest thing …

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

The saddest thing in the world, for me, is to have lived and not have known, at least a bit, what Life is about.

Not to have consciously known the primordial forces shaping me: the call of the blood giving me ancestry, character, intuition; the urge of the instincts taking me through the labyrinths of passion, love, hate, fear, happiness, survival.

Not to have known the immense power and vision of my mind, so vulnerable it can be horribly bent and controlled, so intelligent and limitless it can discern the universal processes from which it comes into being.

Not to have looked at the beauty of a starry night, and feel the ancient particles streaming through my eyes to caress and challenge my mind.

Not to have known the Natural Order that connects me with everything through a universal mandate: Consume energy sources to empower my constant transformation.

Not to have fully comprehended the fact that, when a sperm and an ovum fused together to unleash the creation of my body, both cells carried the blueprint to configure a form of existence endowed with a degree of freedom to manipulate and be manipulated by its environment.

Not to have known the Primal Universal Process that takes me through physical and mental interactions (positive, negative, weak, strong, transformative), and through the physical dissolution of my life. Nor to have known that in the same measure to the significance of my life … what I did do or did not do, what I destroyed, what I created … I will transcend into a new configuration of existence, a new player in the unfolding of the Universal Process. Think of Einstein, Darwin, Beethoven, Socrates, the ancient lineage of motherhood; the energy they generated and continue to generate with the significance of their lives is a part of who I am, how I think, how I feel. This is the true meaning of Transcendence: To continue to be a part of the Universal Process after my body dissipates; albeit in another form.

And so, the saddest thing would be, for me, to have lived and have never pondered about what it means to be a participant in the unfolding of a magnificent and highly creative Universal Process.

Revised June 2018

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